About Us

As a former member of NAPO, along with her experience as a retail executive, Marna knew our products had to be organized and attractive. We wanted quick ways to document progress, space to make notes and we wanted color. Since we couldn’t find any other planners specific to real estate, we looked at planners in general. We researched what was being done in the planner industry, since it was indicative of what customers wanted. We read product reviews, watched videos and shopped.

There are so many details in real estate. As a real estate agent, it was challenging to develop systems and keep everything straight. Marna created forms, planners, and recreated forms and planners. Last year Marna designed a planner as a “beta” and gave them as a gifts. This year, we took all of the feedback and created our new planner.

We hope you like what we came up with!

Every accomplishment starts with the desire to try.