The Organized Agent, LLC
2500 Dallas Highway
Suite 202-105
Marietta GA 30064

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  1. Leticia Sanders says:

    What is missing from the Quarterly from the full planner? I was one that wanted a thinner planner…I love my planner but do not like the weight.

    • marna says:


      We do not offer personaliztion on the planner at this time. We are working with our attorneys to determine what that would involve, as we have been asked by a few people this year. Since our inventory for 2022 has already been printed, we would not be able to do that this year. It would need to be a special order and a minimum quantity would be involved, and we do not have that information right now.

      If they would be interested inw hat that might involve for 2023, please let me know. We typically go to press in March or April.

      Marna Friedman

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