Day Planners For Real Estate Agents

This day planner was designed for Real Estate Agents to track their daily tasks including business details, goal management, accountability & marketing.

Goals that are not written down are just wishes.

Several studies have shown that writing things down helps us to remember them. While typing things online can be done more quickly, it doesn’t offer the opportunity to “absorb” information. We tend to type information verbatim when we type it, but then cannot recall what we actually learned.

When we write things down, the notes we take are usually the key things we want to remember from a conversation, because we are focusing more on listening rather than typing. And so it is, that while we all love technology, paper has made a comeback!

What’s different about this planner?

Quickly note your weekly database activities, milestones, and check off your business accomplishments.

Victories for The Organized Agent
Build Your Business for The Organized Agent Planner

Keep track of your weekly marketing efforts including neighborhood farming, social media, blogging and pop-bys. Stay in touch with your listings and buyers, note this on your planner.

And did you see that little auto icon on your daily calendar? It’s to keep track of your mileage!

Keep track of your business efforts including conversion goals, closed transactions and more.

Create your monthly goals and track your weekly progress.

Conversion Goals for The Organized Agent Planner