Transaction Management Folders

Quickly track the details of your Buyer and Seller transactions using this file folder to help you with the tasks associated with your transaction, and file the paperwork. See some examples below of the details you can track on the file folders.

Input your client information, whether it is the Buyer or Seller and update the other information once the property is under contract.

Transaction Management Folder
Transaction folder - contract information

Check off the required documents and file them in the folder as they are completed and binding. While checklists aren’t very exciting, there’s evidence that they can make a huge difference in how well you do something.

There are so many dates to remember in a transaction. Even if you are using a whiteboard, each transaction has its own details to remember. This section will help you monitor the important dates and details at a glance.

transaction folder - important dates

The back of the folders offers space for transaction tracking, marketing, communication and more.